Next update on 18th November.

There is a brief notice about the next updates in this month in JP srever.

1.New rare
+Summoned Pet with melee attack.

2.Koinoriko (fish) no longer drops rare materials
+Another way to get rare materials in stead of fish will be given to us soon.

Koinoriko will be changed.

GM has announced that Koinoriko (fish) will be changed not to drop rare materials after the patch on 18th Nov. in JP server.
After the patch, Koinoriko drops chocolate pie instead of rare materials.

And there will be another way to get rare materials in the near future.

Presentation event about updates in October

GM in JP server has announced outline of updates in this month as follows:

1.New rare in this month
+Mount taht has 2 big horns.
+When we dismount from the new rare mount, the mount changes his figure that looks like human.
+the mount has bonus stats on attack.

2.Dormancy system
1)Weapon box and Armor Box
+When you come back to this game from long long dormancy, the game system gives your account 'Weapon Box' and 'Armor Box'.
+Coose a weapon(armor) type you want, then you get the best(highest LV) equipment you can equip.
+Equipments from these box have 30 days limited warranty.

2)Dormancy point
+For 30 days from your come back, you get Dormancy point in every 1 hour in real time.
+You can get items by consuming Dormancy point.

3.Stinky hot pot is changed
+Stinky hot pot (1day and 30days) get the new effect that aggressive mobs do not attack our summon.
+Stinky hot pot only for summon will be added. That is..aggressive mobs attack us, but the mobs do not attack our summon.

4.New manufacturing quests
+ New NPC that gives us avatar manufacturing quests will be added.

5.New events
1)Festival event
+For event period, festival zone will be added and there will be some mini games such as 'Toss up' and dodging etc.
2)Halloween event
+Almost the same event that was held last year.
+We can get the capes also in this time.

A test server will be open.

A test server will be open from 8th Oct to 12th Oct for checking contents of the next update in October.

There must be a big update or an event in October...

Update on 9th Sep.

1.New rare of this month


They are very similar to Guardian spirits.

2.New Items
LV105 neck/ring/cape are added.

Effect from LV105 aromors


4 items: +10% attack/defense, 8% accuracy
5 items: +3 Weapon skill, +8% HP/MP
6 items: +10% magic defense
7 items: 5% poison attack, +10% damege by magic attack
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